In the Strata model, we build and expand our business through four levels of community interaction:

1. The Core

Strata's dedicated professionals make a tight-knit team that helps orchestrate the activities of the community as a whole. Acting as catalysts, we cause reactions to occur and energy to be released within the community. Guiding community member's participation in R&D, QA, marketing, and support is our main focus.

Moreover, we're not just employees in the traditional sense. We each have a personal stake in reaching shared community goals since we're compensated based on the overall revenue of the company.

2. Partners

They are the key to the Open Creative Environment and the glue between the internal development model and the open source model. We fully include Partners in our operations, plans, decisions -- and pay them a direct share of our revenue stream.

A large percentage of Strata's revenue is shared with the Partner-level participants in the Community Development, Support, and R&D Communities.

Partners are paid directly on a monthly basis, based on the revenue generated the previous month. As overall Strata revenue grows, so does the amount going to a Partner, as long as he or she stays active at the Partner level.

3. Associates

They are another vital part of the Strata business model and are considered close allies, although they do not share in the revenue stream. Associates benefit from wide access to code, information and community members. In turn, the products and services they provide benefits the overall community.

An Associate Developer, for example, may create a new plug-in and then work with Strata to market that plug-in as a companion to the Strata product line. In the same way, an Associate User would be an artist or studio that produces a collection of backgrounds, filters, or textures and offers it to the community. Associates are also free to market their products independent of Strata.

4. Members

Our installed base is the heart and soul of the community. Members are the artists, designers, architects, educators, software engineers and hobbyists from around the world. Members use the software for fun and profit and provide revenue by purchasing the products and services provided by Strata, its Partners and Associates. They participate in the community through chat, online forums, surveys, contests, posting work to the gallery, etc.