Flyout dialogs help organize details for more advanced users.
Individual object controls for render settings allow you to adjust settings for objects that need more antialiasing or reflections without effecting the rest of the scene.
New Render Controls

Not only has the rendering engine been wildly improved, so have all the points in the interface where you control the renderer. Here's just a few of these interface improvements:

  • All new rendering dialog with sliders, fly-out drawers and custom render previews (or even your current model).

  • Per-object render controls that go way beyond simple shadow on/off control. These include:
    - Spot/Point Light Soft Shadow Samples
    - Photons per Light
    - Oversampling Level
    - Radiosity Cache Hits
    - Blurry Reflection Samples
    - Blurry Transparency Samples
    - Photons per Estimate
    - And twelve more!