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NEW! Strata Design 3D CX 7.5 for Mac & Windows - Get the most highly requested features to help you build, texture and output your models.

Strata Design 3D 7.5 is a powerful modeling and texturing upgrade, which includes many of the most requested features from long-time Strata Design 3D users. We’ve combined new UV texturing components that allow you to more easily visualize the exact layout and placement of your textures, with polygon manipulation features that provide a new level of control over your 3D objects, and added in some very useful import and export options to make version 7.5 more compatible with CAD programs and 3D printing services.

New 7.5 Feature Demonstration Videos and Tutorials | Wrench Modeling - Time Lapse

BUILD: New Version 7.5 Modeling and Edge Control Features and Enhancements

Strata Design 3D Version 7.5 provides a range of new features designed to give more control while polygonal modeling and to make modeling and editing easier and more intuitive. Many of the new options are also used for the new UV enhancements, such as defining seams for flattening UV textures. Driven by our most frequently requested user suggestions, we’ve bolstered Design 3D’s toolset and functionality to include:

Segment Edge Command

  • Allows users to divide mesh edges into a defined number of segments

Show Face Normals

  • Provides a visual indication of a polygon’s normal direction, allowing you to easily ensure your polygons are facing the correct way, while at the same time solving a problem that can cause rendering anomalies and problems with 3D printing

Move Commands

  • Move to Grid
  • Move to X
  • Move to Y
  • Move to Z
  • Move Center to X
  • Move Center to Y
  • Move Center to Z

Rotate Commands

  • Rotate Connected to Grid
  • Rotate Connected to X
  • Rotate Connected to Y
  • Rotate Connected to Z

Select Perimeter Command

Select UV Seam Edges Command

  • Selects any previously designated UV seams

Select UV Seam Edges Command

  • Selects any previously designated UV seams

Toggle UV Seam Edge Command

  • Toggles (on or off) one or more selected edges as UV seams. Allows user to designate unwrapping seams for Burn UV and UV edit mode.
  • UV seams are color coded in poly edit (user-defined colors from the Edge mode dialog)

Poly Mesh Conversion Upgrade

  • Mesh conversion now maintains vertex/edge hardness, UV seams and face sets (subsets)

TEXTURE: UV Editing and Texturing Features and Enhancements

Least Squares Conformal Maps or Conform to Mesh LSCM helps reduce texture distortion and produce better rendering results. In Design 3D 7.5, this feature is called Conform to Mesh. When used in conjunction with the other texturing enhancements, you can literally unwrap your 3D objects onto a 2D plane and see exactly how your textures look. Even better, you can create the cutting seams that define how your object is unwrapped.

Burn UV Function Enhancement

  • New Conform to Mesh option; using Least Squares Conformal Maps technology

UV Edit Mode - Powerful UV Unwrapping

  • LSCM unwrap (Conform, Conform Connected) Unwrap entire objects, single UV island or just selected polygons
  • Pin UVs (Toggle pinned vertices on or off)

UV Edit Mode - Fitting, Orientation, Position, Selection

  • Fit (to UV, U or V)
  • Fit Each (to UV, U or V)
  • Rotate Connected (to Grid, U or V)
  • Move: (to U, V; Center to U, V)
  • Select Perimeter
  • Select Pinned UVs (Selects previously pinned vertices)

UV Edge Seam Assignment (assigned in polygon edit mode)

  • Toggle UV Seam Edge
  • Select UV Seam Edge

3D Print, File Import and File Export Options

Import and Export flexibility is important to every 3D designer and we’ve heard your call for the ability to import CAD models and export to the STL format for 3D printing. New import / export features in Design 3D Version 7.5 include:

STL Import and Export

  • The STL (.stl) format is widely used by CAD programs, popular 3D printing services and modeling interfaces. Many 3D printers and 3D print services accept or require STL files.

Collada File Import Improvement

  • Support for bump/normal map in import/export of Collada files
  • Sort by face sets on export to Collada and OBJ so that there is only a single entry for each face set

Decimation / Polygon Reduction

Decimation is used to reduce polygon count in models, while minimizing the visual distortion on the outward appearance of the rendered image. Decimation is often used on imported models with very high polygon counts, which may cause performance issues, slow rendering, or editing difficulty. It’s also useful for lowering polygon counts for online 3D games, mobile and other applications that require low polygon counts for performance reasons.

Build This Wrench with Chris Tyler!

As part of the Version 7.5 launch, Chris Tyler developed a tutorial series around modeling, texturing and rendering the wrench that is used throughout the product launch materials. This series is free to everyone at the Strata 3D University and covers some of the new 7.5 features. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business.
View the Tutorial Series