Strata Design 3D SE
The 3D Online Revolution

Strata Design 3D SE delivers powerful 3D modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering tools for a small fraction of the price of other professional level 3D software apps.

For most creative designers and hobbyists, Strata Design 3D SE provides all of the 3D functionality you will ever need. Create from scratch or use pre-built scene templates.

What's the difference between Design 3D SE and Design 3D CX?

Introductory VideoWatch a short video on Strata Design 3D SE to see just how much further 3D can take your creativity.
Features & Benefits
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Create 3D Models Using Powerful 3D Tools or Import Existing 3D Assets

Just as pixels and paths are used to create 2D designs, Strata Design 3D SE models are made from polygons and splines created using a tool palette comprised of 3D primitives, extrusion and lathe tools, bezier modeling tools and text tools. You can create from scratch, select models from SE's shape libraries, or import 3D models in popular formats. Design 3D SE provides detailed modeling controls with the ability to manipulate individual polygon edges, vertices and faces.

Online Video Training at Strata 3D University

Take advantage of our online video training at With introductory pricing starting at just 99 cents for the first two weeks, it's the best investment you may ever make. Strata 3D University provides training in all aspects of modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering and scene setup. It's the fastest and easiest way to develop your 3D design skills.