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Image: Peter Molina

Artists using Strata are a unique and varied breed. That they are creative, resourceful and detail oriented is obvious. What's not so obvious is that they're everywhere.

Strata 3D has been a staple of desktop illustration for so long that it's roots extend to just about every facet of the design community.

What we present here certainly isn't the breadth of the Strata experience. It includes the lush realism of Chris Tyler, the stunning surrealism of Edward Tuttle, the whimsy and character of Matt Rousell, the technical brilliance of Chris Szetela, and the architectural vistas of Ahmad Johari.

More artists and designers are waiting for you to discover.

Case Studies

See how Strata 3D is used in "the real-world" to give clients more than they expect and designers the tools they need.

From powerhouse names like Kraft®, to small regional projects - art and commerce meet in the third dimension.

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Featured Artists

Here at Strata, we know that the stars of the show are really you, the artist. No matter how good the product is, if great work wasn't produced with it, we'd be nowhere.

We like to feature notable artists in the Strata community on a regular basis with feature articles and interviews.

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