Strata 3D CX 5.0.1 Release Notes

What's Been Fixed/Enhanced!

  • Fixed the problem with using UVs on subdivision objects.
  • Added an alert when auto-loaded scripts have errors. The error details appear in the scripting console.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when moving keyframes for a camera position while the camera window was open.
  • Cured the "Delete Selected" crash involving deleting textures and working in the Project Window.
  • Added global rendering control for flatten database (default) and Minimize memory usage in the Raytrace expert setting dialog.
  • Added shape specific Project Window control of flatten database (default) and Minimize memory usage.
  • Added an alert for out-of-memory conditions for raytrace renderings with flatten database enabled (default).
  • Displaying unnamed textures in the Object Properties Texture tab.
  • Fixed the text redraw issue in the OBJ Import dialog on Windows.
  • Corrected a spelling error in the OBJ Import dialog.
  • Fixed a crash when loading a file that has a subdivision mesh attached to a skeleton when subdivision was applied after the attach.
  • Fixed a crash when editing a skeleton after the attached mesh was subdivided.
  • Subdivided meshes now properly update when applied to a mesh attached to a skeleton.
  • Added command-clicking in the title bar of windows that have an associated file on the disk for Mac OS X.
  • We have limited the size of a snapshot window to no larger than the display to avoid a Mac OS X window server crash.
  • Now giving an error message for PSD files that exceed dimensional and file size limits.
  • Various Lua scripting improvements and fixes.
  • XMM now exports the alpha value correctly, so that Live 3D can read it in.
  • Fixed Particle FX (Hair, etc) previews.
  • Fixed the issue where black spots where occurring in renderings.
  • Fixed an issue dealing with Meld and transparency.
  • Fixed crashes related to having deleted a shape from the resource palette.
  • Fixed a particle/shape crasher when selecting the Shapes tab in the Resource palette.
  • Changes the Resource Palette previews background color. Shapes use the Window color Preferences option and FX shaders use black as the background.
  • Fixed the image window so that saving is not allowed unless the image is actually savable.
  • A "single layer" image is now savable when opened using Strata 3D.
  • OBJ - Texture limit removed.
  • OBJ - Fixed the non-multi-object file crasher. An alert is displayed indicating that the import failed and what to do to import the file.
  • Fixed undo of texture positioning.
  • Fixed the displacement crasher when converting to polymesh or when rendering.
  • Added fill light and simple anti-aliasing of all previews.
  • Fixed╩a crash when copying from and changing linked psd layer in texture.
  • Fixed Spot and Point light undo actions.
  • Fixed the arrow style light dome widget resetting/shifting when switching to camera window.
  • Object Properties Transform modes are now persistent.
  • Retaining ngons and/or quads when converting to polygon group.
  • Fixed the Image Texture not resetting when canceling.
  • Fixed the issue with the Light distances reverting to 0.0 when set to INF.
  • Changes made to avoiding an animation (or rendering) crasher.
  • A few GUI tweaks.
  • Fixed the rapid clicking (double-clicking) texture remove crasher.
  • Changes to try and avoid some random rendering crashes.
  • Made the compression setting persistent for image formats.
  • Retaining object names across Group/Ungroup operations and avoiding changing the order of these objects in the Project Window.
  • Better Silk shader support on Polygon Mesh objects.


  • Fixes for undo issues on move, scale, rotate when the animate clock icon is not enabled.
  • Fixed a scale undo crash.
  • Enhancement - Fit view to selection will now fit to the selected elements.
  • Fixed a potential crasher when undoing/redoing polymesh edits.
  • Fixed the Reshaper tool palette always displaying as point mode when switching between multiple windows.
  • Fix for selection not updating when changing gravity.
  • Fix for a bug that caused animated meshes to explode when editing.
  • Fixes for selection issues so that the actions get committed when the selection changes in the reshaper.
  • Fixed to magic wand not properly handling selections that cross equators.

Updater Requirements

You must have Strata 3D CX 5.0 in order to update to version 5.0.1. This updater will also update the PDF extensions and Strata 3D Vector plug-ins (for CX 5), if necessary. and if these have been installed into Strata 3D CX 5.

Online Technical Support

Strata's technical support can be reached by email at Though customer sales support is available by phone, no technical support is available via telephone. Answers to technical questions can be found in two additional ways. You can search the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and gain access to many other support resources by clicking on the Support link at Strata's website ( You can also find a great deal of support resources at Strata's user community site - At the StrataCafe you can find helpful information in the forums and answers to specific questions. You'll also find a place to post your work in progress and gain access to tips, techniques and more.

The StrataCafe members are very willing to help answer many of the questions you may have about Strata 3D and many other issues dealing with the 3D world. You'll find the discussion forums to be friendly. Also check out the 3D challenges, image galleries, resource libraries, and much, much more.

Technical Support Notes

When moving suspended renderings that contain linked textures, be sure that the .rdf and linked texture files are all located in a common folder. Suspended renderings will not prompt for missing files. So be sure that everything is placed with the .rdf file.

Resetting Preferences

If you would like to reset all of your Strata 3D CX preferences, choose the applications Preferences command from the Strata 3D CX menu. Sometimes (though it is rare) the preference file may become corrupt and cause the application to function strangely. Resetting the preferences can sometimes help to resolve abnormal behavior in the application. To Reset the preferences, go to the Preferences dialog and click on the Reset button. Use the Quit option to immediately reset the preferences.

Compatibility Issues - Graphics Card Issues

Strata 3D CX utilizes the 3D graphics card in your computer for drawing the modeling windows. This can include, but is not limited to the movement of objects and displaying textures in the various windows. It is also used for other functions in the program. It is usually a good idea to keep your drivers up-to-date. Apple supplies both the nVidia and ATI drivers as part of the system install. Occasionally, however, a driver update may become available on the Apple website for both the nVidia and ATI cards, or via Software Update. ATI may also post newer drivers on their website for cards purchased separately from your Macintosh.

Strata 3D CX users with nVidia graphics cards are _strongly_ encouraged to set your Display Preferences to Millions of Colors (32 bit) for the best possible user experience.

Known Strata 3D CX Issue

Polygons with holes do not generate good bevels in the Polygon Mesh reshaper. Examples of a polygon with holes would be: a Circle with a inner hole radius of 50% created with the Circle Tool; characters created with the Text Tool like A, D, O, e, q etc.; and EPS, AI, PDF files with holes in the geometry. We are working to resolve this issue in a future release.