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Strata Design 3D CX 6.1 Release Notes

Poly Editor:

  • Added support for cut, copy and paste in the poly mesh editor.
  • Added support for copying and pasting hard edges and vertices.
  • "Connect" vertices will now connect two vertices that don't share a face.
  • Cut/Copy/Paste notes: These functions are mode relative. If you cut/copy in vertex mode only the selected vertices will be cut/copied/pasted. In edge mode, only edges are cut/copied/pasted, and in face mode, only faces. You can cut/copy in the poly mesh editor and then paste into the main modeling window. This will create a new object with the cut/copied elements. Pasting a cut/copy of just edges or vertices won't be of much use outside of edit mode at the moment, they won't be displayed in the main modeling window. However, you can select the pasted edges or points using the project window, and then take the edges or points into edit mode.

  • Paste notes: You can paste other object types into the poly mesh editor. They will be converted to a polymesh and pasted into the mesh being edited.
  • Connect Vertices: To allow for building faces in the poly mesh editor, you can now select two vertices that don't share a face and connect them with an edge. You can then select a loop of edges and fill them to create a face.


  • ScriptFX are now available: Bounce, Heartbeat, Rotate, Shake and Smooth Motion.
  • ScriptFX notes: Some features that depend on animation paths may ignore the effect of ScriptFX, for example Align to Path, linked objects and Pixie Dust.


  • Added support for Subdivided UVs.


  • Fixed a bug that was hanging the rendering of a fountain model.
  • Changed the default camera shutter speed to 1/8th sec.
  • Fix for replicating and duplicating animated objects.
  • Collada fixes for importing some models.
  • Fixed a document file saving issue when the file is locked or not writable.
  • Change to avoid crashing when closing/quitting a rendering.
  • Fixed a bug when saving Quicktime formats with alpha when alpha wasn't selected to be rendered.
  • Added an update checking mechanism.
  • Made the OBJ importer more lenient. If a bad face, UV face or normal face are encountered they are ignored.
  • Fix for incorrect texture color when importing a U3D (Enfold) file on PPC.
  • Fix for loading files with boolean objects older than 5.0.
  • Disabled project window snapping to other windows/palettes.
  • Fixed a potential crasher in the FX shaders.
  • Fixes for some thickness blowout issues.
  • Fix for an infinite loop in metaballs.
  • Fixes for normal relative function issues in poly edit mode.
  • Fixes in the Minicad importer.
  • Fixed the smooth slider crash in Import As 3D Mesh.
  • Changed the camera backdrop to save as a linked file if the backdrop is animating.
  • Turned off the camera up vector display for scripted paths.
  • On the Mac, fixed the modeling window title bar for models which haven't been saved yet. Previously you could pull down a menu with a false path.


  • Fixed the UI display limit of 20 with multi-bone in the Bone OP. The maximum number of segments is 99.
  • Fixed several crashes.
  • Made a change to make selecting bones easier.
  • Fixed a potential file corruption issue when saving a model with Bones.
  • Fixed issue where an IK target couldn't be selected.
  • Added support for displaying vertex assignments for the selected bone.
  • Made it so that assigning a weight of zero will remove the selected vertices from the selected bone.  To do this, select the vertices to remove, enter 0 in the weight field, and click "Add Selection".


  • Improved the welding of points when converting to polygon mesh.


  • Fix for renaming grids.


  • Fixed the hair shading bugs.

Image Texture:

  • Fix for an infinite key time (animation) bug with the image texture dialog. This was causing files to not open after saving, giving an alert that the file was corrupt.
  • Changed the bump slider range for 0 - 100% to 0 - 1000%.

Object Properties Palette:

  • OP Texture Panel:
    • Improved the handling of the texture palette zero size values.  (INF size value issue).
    • Fixed the scrolling behavior of the texture palette list view. It should retain the current scroll position as changes are made.
  • Fix for the Object Properties palette not updating, if hidden, when a document is opened.

Particle FX:

  • Fix for pre-rolling of particle effects (Fountain, etc.).

Project Window:

  • Project Window - disallowed adding complexity attributes to lights and cameras.
  • Added option key support for project windows previews.  Hold down the option key to preview from the current time position.


  • Fix for handling of very small objects in the raytracer. This avoids a particle fountain hang.
  • Fix for a potential raytracer lockup on bad data.
  • Fixed a raytrace rendering lockup.
  • Fix for stereo renderings crashing.

Render Dialog:

  • Fixed the rendering dialog percentage units issue with the constrain checkbox.
  • Added a tool tip explaining the reason for a disabled alpha channel checkbox in the rendering dialog.


  • Fix for text object font problems on Windows.

Windows Vista:

  • Fix for the window content display issue on Vista (blank spots in display.)

Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard):

  • Fixed the convert button crasher that showed up on Mac OS X 10.6.
  • Fixed the Mac OS X 10.6 movie playback problem.

Online Technical Support

Strata's technical support can be reached by email at Though customer sales support is available by phone, no technical support is available via telephone. Answers to technical questions can be found in two additional ways. You can search the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and gain access to many other support resources by clicking on the Support link at Strata's website ( You can also find a great deal of support resources at Strata's user community site - At the StrataCafe you can find helpful information in the forums and answers to specific questions. You'll also find a place to post your work in progress and gain access to tips, techniques and more.

The StrataCafe members are very willing to help answer many of the questions you may have about Strata Design 3D and many other issues dealing with the 3D world. You'll find the discussion forums to be friendly. Also check out the 3D challenges, image galleries, resource libraries, and much, much more.

Resetting Preferences

If you would like to reset all of your Strata 3D CX preferences, choose the application's Preferences command from the Strata 3D CX menu. Sometimes (though it is rare) the preference file may become corrupt and cause the application to function strangely. Resetting the preferences can sometimes help to resolve abnormal behavior in the application. To Reset the preferences, go to the Preferences dialog and click on the Reset button. Use the Quit option to immediately reset the preferences.

Compatibility Issues - Graphics Card Issues

Strata 3D CX utilizes the 3D graphics card in your computer for drawing the modeling windows. This can include, but is not limited to the movement of objects and displaying textures in the various windows. It is also used for other functions in the program. It is usually a good idea to keep your drivers up-to-date. Apple supplies both the nVidia and ATI drivers as part of the system install. Occasionally, however, a driver update may become available on the Apple website for both the nVidia and ATI cards, or via Software Update. ATI may also post newer drivers on their website for cards purchased separately from your Macintosh.

Strata 3D CX users with nVidia graphics cards are strongly encouraged to set your Display Preferences to Millions of Colors (32 bit) for the best possible user experience.