Strata Design 3D CX 7.0.4 Release Notes

Updater Requirements

You must have Strata Design 3D CX 7.0.x in order to update to version 7.0.4. This updater will also update the PDF import extensions and Photoshop plug-ins if these have been installed into Strata Design 3D CX 7.

NOTE: The 7.0.4 update is NOT a Design 3D CXi update. Software purchased through the Mac App Store will be updated through the App Store.

What's been fixed in 7.0.4:

Collada file export for use in iBooks Author has been optimized in this latest version of Design 3D CX.

Now it's easy to combine 3D models in your books, technical manuals and other virtual documents for the iPad and iPhone. Using Apple's free iBooks Author application on your Mac, you can import a Collada file from Design 3D. In addition to the Collada file improvements there are also a number of productivity and bug fixes in this release:

  • Collada Improvements
    -- Model hierarchy is exported
    -- Cameras are exported
    -- UV texture export improved
    -- Multi-texture export improved
    -- Models now load in Preview app on Lion

  • Fix for selected bezier points being deleted when pressing the +/- (grid toggle) hot keys in the Bezier Surface Edit mode.
  • Fix for View manipulation tool overlays not updating when switching between multiple windows.
  • Fix for Group windows not saving their view configuration.
  • Mac - The Save a Copy... command now appends "Copy" to the file name.
  • Mac - Fixes to avoid the Time Machine file corruption problem.
  • Mac - File saving improvements.

Online Technical Support

Strata's technical support can be reached by email at Though customer sales support is available by phone, no technical support is available via telephone. Answers to technical questions can be found in two additional ways. You can search the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and gain access to many other support resources by clicking on the Support link at Strata's website ( You can also find a great deal of support resources at Strata's user community site - At the StrataCafe you can find helpful information in the forums and answers to specific questions. You'll also find a place to post your work in progress and gain access to tips, techniques and more.

The StrataCafe at is where you will find a very willing community of Strata users who can help answer many of the questions you may have about Strata 3D and many other issues dealing with the 3D world. You'll find the discussion forums to be friendly. Also check out the image galleries, resource libraries, and much, much more.

Resetting Preferences

If you would like to reset all of your Strata 3D CX preferences, choose the application's Preferences command from the Strata 3D CX menu. Sometimes (though it is rare) the preference file may become corrupt and cause the application to function strangely. Resetting the preferences can sometimes help to resolve abnormal behavior in the application. To Reset the preferences, go to the Preferences dialog and click on the Reset button. Use the Quit option to immediately reset the preferences.

Compatibility Issues - Graphics Card Issues

Strata 3D CX utilizes the 3D graphics card in your computer for drawing the modeling windows. This can include, but is not limited to the movement of objects and displaying textures in the various windows. It is also used for other functions in the program. It is usually a good idea to keep your drivers up-to-date. Apple supplies both the nVidia and ATI drivers as part of the system install. Occasionally, however, a driver update may become available on the Apple website for both the nVidia and ATI cards, or via Software Update. ATI may also post newer drivers on their website for cards purchased separately from your Macintosh.