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Tutorial | Advanced SDS Modeling by John Jones

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T0. Rocking Horse Tutorial
T1. Cube Primitive.
T2. Polygon Reshape Palette.
T3. Horse Body: Extrude Cube Face.
T4. Loop Select.
T5. Neck: Bevel.
T6. Delete edges.
T7. Angle Neck.
T8. Narrow Neck.
T9. Extrude Neck.
T10. Neck Top.
T11. Subdivide.
T12. Body and Neck Proportions.
T13. Create Base of Head.
T14. Head.
T15. Nose.
T16. Ears.
T17. Ears Shape.
T18. Ears Points.
T19. Ears Profile.
T20. Reshape Head.
T21. Head Detail.
T22. Eye Socket.
T23. Eye Detail.
T24. Face Detail.
T25. Head Top View.
T26. Head.
T27. Cheeks.
T28. Mouth.
T29. Mouth Shape.
T30. Lower Jaw.
T31. Head Profile.
T32. Legs.
T33. Legs Direction
T34. Bevel.
T35. Extend Legs.
T36. Smooth Mesh.
T37. Extend Legs Again.
T38. Legs Shaping.
T39. Legs Front and Top Profile.
T40. Nostrils and Ears.
T41. Finished Horse
T42. Bow Rocker and Glow Panel.
T43. Radiosity Render.