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Virtual Reality Enabled Design
Ever wonder what it would be like to be able to step into your design projects? What it would feel like to hold your creation in your hands – with just the push of a button? With inStudio VR you now have the power to not just visualize, but to truly experience your ideas. No need to 3D print or build expensive prototypes – inStudio VR can put you there in seconds.

Works with Design 3D and Other 3D Apps inStudio VR works directly with industry standard 3D apps, including Strata Design 3D CX. With the new VR17 Release upgrade to Design 3D it’s as easy as pushing a button to publish your design to inStudio VR.

3rd party 3D design apps are also supported using the industry standard Collada file format. Just export your design and drop it into the inStudio VR import folder and the file will automatically load on startup.

Strata inStudio VR Overview Video

Retail Store Module Included As part of this release, inStudio VR includes the Retail Store Module. The Retail Store Module offers an authentic retail store setting with stocked shelves. Interact with the environment by walking into the store, placing your models on shelves, duplicating your designs and using physics to push and pull products into place. This module is built to help you see how design variants will look next to other products on shelves for a full contextual experience. Most importantly, you can share this experience with clients, investors, and other key decision makers.

Control Lights, Physics, Environments and More Using HDRI based lightdomes, captured from real-world settings, you can quickly switch between daytime, indoor, outdoor and other lighting conditions. Turn physics on and off to get the maximum control over the world. Use the remote control UI or directly manipulate objects. And do all of this within one of 12 pre-made environments to get just the perfect setting to explore and present your ideas.

Share Your VR Vision You can even share your VR experiences with friends, clients, colleagues and key decision makers. Both inStudio VR and Design 3D CX allow you to render out stereoscopic 360° VR images for use in viewers like Google Cardboard, Daydream and Gear VR. Note: VR images require WebGL. If you see an error or black box where this image should be try a different web browser.
Click and drag on the above image. To view in VR, navigate to this page from your smartphone, then click the VR icon on the image and place your phone in a Cardboard or similar viewer.

Though not fully interactive like a live inStudio VR session, these renders place the viewer as if standing within your project, allowing them to experience you designs using a standard smartphone.

Key Features

  • Comes preloaded with 12 interactive staging environments
  • Users can toggle physics to preview models in whatever pose they prefer
  • Supports hundreds of thousands of imported triangles (graphic quality is high)
  • Real time lighting lets users preview model in various lighting settings
  • Supports importation of (Collada) files regardless of the 3D software being used
  • Adaptive quality allows use of inStudio VR with a variety of computer setups
  • Render 360° shareable VR images for viewing on standard smartphones

Free for a Limited Time inStudio VR will be available as an SE entry level version, free of charge for a limited time. We’ll be adding features, supporting more hardware configurations (HTC Vive is supported initially) and bringing more value to inStudio VR in the coming months – increasing the value of the app as a primary part of your design toolset.

As an early adopter you have the opportunity to experience the future of design today with inStudio VR – and to be ready for the upcoming features that will make this an even more valuable part of your workflow.

Works with the New VR17 Release of Design 3D CX

Design 3D CX, VR17 Release includes two important VR features that relate to inStudio VR:

Publish VR makes it easy to interactively experience your designs in a full VR environment using Strata inStudio VR. Just select your model in Design 3D CX and hit the Publish to VR button.

Render VR new camera type (VR 360° Stereo) generates images that allow you to put you and your client directly into your project for a fully immersive experience. Similar to the 360° stereo images that inStudio VR can produce, this feature of Design 3D CX allows you to use all of the power of the photo-real rendering that go well beyond the image quality of inStudio VR.

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