Adding Fog to a Scene

There is a little used ‘Air’ tab in the Environment panel in Strata 3D. It allows us to do several things. We’ll add a Fog Shader to the whole scene and explore the options the Fog Shader offers us.

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  1. gfuller

    SPECTACULAR. Great fun. This was a nice break from the more mechanical/technical lessons. Just what the doctor ordered. Thanks!

  2. mychicora

    I find your tutorials a wonderful complement to Chris Tyler’s more traditional tutorials (I love those as well). Strata is fortunate to have you on their team!

    Personally, I’d like to see someone explore the animation possibilities of Strata 3D in greater depth, perhaps using some of the examples you’ve already done (or new ones!). For example, is creating a waterfall or fountain a possibility? I think “simple” animation could add much to this static 3D material.
    My 2c.

  3. mychicora

    Well, I typed all the above before seeing your “Animating Fog” scene. Good on ya, Rodrigo!
    How about a fountain in a pool?

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