CX7: Customizing Shortcuts, Part 2

In CX7: Customizing Shortcuts, Part 1, we looked at how to enter custom key commands, and how to filter and navigate the key command editor. Part 2 will look at how to save custom settings for archiving, sharing, and viewing in a Web browser.

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  1. cooldaze

    Rather than a video demonstrating the obvious functions of the buttons, some recommended keyboard shortcuts would be helpful. (Yes, I know everyone’s shortcuts might be different.)

    Your diction is very good, Jean, I can understand everything you say, which is not always the case with everyone! I would suggest that if you “pick up the pace” a bit though, your videos will be all the more helpful.

    Also, how about some more ANIMATION videos!?!!?!

  2. Hah, pacing is always difficult to gauge. Frankly, my favorite online tutorialist speaks really quickly, so much so that you cannot grasp the process on the first go-round. But that is good for me: I watch the video once to see if I am interested in what he covers, then watch it with pauses the second time to follow the process more closely.

    When I demonstrate live and in person, most people ask me to slow down, so I am not certain everyone would have the same request regarding speeding it up. I’d be interested in what anyone else may have to say about pacing.

    I think the next video I have to post does proceed more briskly. I’ll have you review it when it is online.

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