Sun and Sky Background

Strata 3D CX 7 has a new Sun & Sky background that is really good for exterior scenes. The color of the sky varies with the angle of the Directional light.

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  1. ElectricShadow

    Hi Rodrigo,

    Thanks for this tut. I am currently working on a house design and I want to be able to see the sky through my windows. I set up a ground cover texture which comes out visible, but the sky is just grey-white (nothing). I have all the settings you have on in this tut. Would I only be able to see the su and sky from outside the house (like your scene is outside) or should I be able to see it through the windows?


  2. Hello ElectricShadow.

    This gray-white sky you see is in the render?
    If so, are you sure the Directional lights are above the horizon?
    And also, are you sure there is no other geometry outside the window?

    What is the focal length of the camera you are rendering through?

  3. ElectricShadow

    Yea, only in the rendering. Directional light definitely above the horizon, I have tried multiple orientations. No additional geometry, just clear straight out the window, nothing obstructing. Focal length is 50mm and a 46 degree angle.

  4. There is a band of gray near the horizon when using the default turbidity value (6.0) Try lowering the Turbidity value to –say– 2.0 and see what happens

  5. ElectricShadow

    Definitely not working. Adjusting the turbidity didn’t do much. Also, the light is far too bright in the scene, but if I drop the intensity then obviously the sky in the light dome gets darker. When in the house all the colours are blown out, and if I render from outside the house I still have that grey band, but also, for some weird reason, all the outside walls are now blue! :)???

  6. ElectricShadow

    Sorry, had some issues and couldn’t get in (blocked for some reason). Yes to both questions 🙂

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