PROJECT: Early Digital Watch Model, Texture, and Render

This project shows how to models, textures and render a watch face of an older digital watch.

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  1. earllee

    the first part (1) of the digital watch tutorial has no sound,what’s wrong with it?


  2. Chris Tyler

    I checked and the sound seems to be working for me. Have you tried restarting your browser?


    When I activate the link for ‘PART II: TEXTURING & RENDERING THE WATCH’ a tutorial for ‘UV Mapping a paper shopping bag’ appears instead. I have restarted the browser and even tried a different browser but the results are the same.
    Would you please advise on what might be happening.
    Regards, Barry


    Thanks for fixing the link Chris,
    Must say it’s a brilliant tutorial, as always.
    Regards, Barry

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