PROJECT: Modeling, Texturing and Rendering an Alarm Clock (for beginners)

This is a series of tutorials which walks through the creation of a gold alarm clock. It starts off with basic modeling material for beginners and progresses onto more advanced modeling, texture and rendering.

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  1. Chris Tyler

    I’m hoping to have the texturing and rendering components recorded in the next day or so.


  2. cooldaze


    The entire “Alarm Clock” tutorial was well thought-out, fun, and with just the right pacing…very helpful. My one observation would be that you could easily (I think) take this one step further and ANIMATE this clock (hands rotate, alarm sounds, etc) as a further demonstration of the capabilities of Strata CX7.

    It’s obvious from the list of tutorials in Strata University that static (product) modeling is your emphasis rather than animation. But I have lately been intrigued with the animation capabilities of Strata enabled via the Project panel. Novice that I am, I was still able to use Strata CX7 (along with Foto 3D) to develop an “Intro” and “Outro” animation (exported to Quicktime) to incorporate into a FCP X home movie (circa 1964!) as a Christmas gift to my sister. While rough around the edges, it turned out well for a first attempt, I think.

    Of course, you won’t want to watch the entire 4-minute vid, but my point is that Strata can be used effectively as an animation tool. I think this is a market that Strata Inc. could capitalize on more effectively than it’s currently doing. FWIW.

    Looking forward to the “Liquids” tutorial!

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