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Active Subscription Required (if you’re not a subscriber see special $4.95 offer on this page):
Want to get a great tool for the very latest Mac hardware and OS? Join us in helping to build the the next generation of Design 3D. The current version of the beta is stable* and getting great reviews and can be used for production work. As a beta user you’ll get regular updates and, as an active subscriber, you’ll get the final release product – along with new updates even after that! Again, this beta is for users with an active Design 3D CX subscription, and works on both Apple M1 and the latest Intel based Macs running High Sierra macOS 10.13.6 or later (though macOS 11 Big Sur is preferred and fully supported).

With the x64 release we’ve worked hard to create a new platform for Design 3D, built on a 64-bit underpinning that will give you room for much larger projects, faster redraws with the all new Metal rendering engine, and a host of updates and bug fixes – including a full Retina interface. This new platform gives you a solid foundation for years to come – including support in this first release for Apple’s new M-Series chip based machines, in addition to the latest in Intel based Macs.

*Caution: Even though the beta has reached a stable level, as with all beta software, you’ll want to be careful when working on important projects. Save often and use increments to create versions of your projects in case of file corruption. Partial or even full loss of projects and work files is possible, so consider using the previous release version of Design 3D if you have concerns.

Here is a list of some of the known issues and differences with the latest beta:

  • Textures in Metal Not Displayed. When using the Metal interactive rendering in the modeling view textures are not yet displayed on surfaces. This will be remedied in the future. Textures are still displayed when using the older/slower OpenGL modeling view renderer – selectable from the popup menu at the top of the modeling view.
  • Palette Updates Sometimes Slow. Some palettes are slow to update with the latest model information.
  • QuickTime Movie Support Gone. The QuickTime support in previous versions of Design 3D was based on 32-bit technology. Image sequence animations are still supported.
  • HDR Light Studio Not Supported. This is a feature that has been popular with a select few users, but not enough to make it on the list of “must-haves” for this release. If you’re currently a subscriber of the HDR Light Studio option just contact if you need assistance in canceling this part of your subscription. If there is enough demand for this feature it may be supported once again in the future.

We have an expanded list of smaller bugs and issues that we’re working on, but felt you should be aware of the above.

Not a Subscriber?

The beta is free for subscribers – but if you don’t currently have a subscription you can still join the beta by purchasing this special subscription offer. Pay just $4.95 the first month, then $19.95 a month thereafter. Cancel any time.

Ready to Run the Beta?

To download, install and activate the beta use the following instructions. Remember – You must have an active Design 3D CX subscription (not a regular license) in order for this beta to work with your existing Design 3D serial number:

  • Step #1 – Download. Use the below buttons to download a copy of the latest Design 3D CX x64 beta (select for the processor type for you Mac). You’ll be required to enter your name and email address – this will allow us to communicate with you on issues specific to the beta:

Intel Macs: Download the Latest Beta

M-Series Macs: Download the Latest Beta


  • Step #2 – Install. Installation works just like other Mac software you’ve installed. Double-click on the DMG file. When the file is done decompressing it will open a new window in the Mac Finder. Drag the Design 3D icon to the Applications folder. Done.
  • Step #3 – Complete Activation Process. The beta activates the same way your current copy of Design 3D was activated:
    • 3a – Get License Number. You can retrieve your license number for your subscription from the original email receipt from your purchase (sent from You can also find your license number by going to and selecting the menu command found at Store > My Account > Sign In and, once signed in to your account, go to Store > My Account > Purchase History and find the subscription product you purchased and click on the View Receipt link to the right. On the subsequent page, look for your license under the “License Keys” section. Select and copy the license number so it’s on the computer’s clipboard.
    • 3b – Launch the x64 Beta Software. The splash screen will come up and provide you with a place in the upper left where you input your serial number. Click in the field and paste, or use the Paste button on the right of the field.
    • 3c – Activate. Click the “Activate Design 3D CX” button under the serial number field.
    • 3d. Design 3D 1 seat licenses allow for two activations, so you should be able to keep your current version of Design 3D active while still activating the beta – but if you’ve used all of your activations you’ll get a warning telling you that “license has already used the maximum number of activations” you’ll need to deactivate your old copy of Design 3D by doing the following:
      • 3d i. Launch your old version of Design 3D.
      • 3d ii. Open the Manage License dialog from the Help menu.
      • 3d iii. Click on the “Deactivate” button in the top left panel.
      • 3d iv. Once the old software is deactivated your license will be available again to use for the x64 beta. Return to step 3b above and complete the activation of the beta software.
  • Step #4 – Start Design 3D. Once the software is successfully activated click on the “Start Design 3D” button in the lower right of the splash screen/activation dialog.
  • Step #5 – Quit Design 3D. To ensure that your license is recorded in the software go ahead and quit from the “Strata Design 3D” menu. If the beta should crash on the first use the license may be lost – but the activation will still be recorded and thus wasted in your account.

Getting Updated Beta Builds

There may be new beta builds before the final shipping version arrives. If so, you can come back to this page and re-download the beta to get the latest. You’ll also be added to our beta mailing list and so you may receive an email telling you about a new build.

Want to Help Us Finish Up?

If you run into any issues – bugs, crashes, features that don’t work the way they’re supposed to – we would appreciate it if you would send us detailed reports about these issues. Reports can be mailed to

How to Report an Issue

When you email an issue report to us, please include the following information:

Your System Configuration
To retrieve this information click on the Apple menu on the top-left of your screen and select “About this Mac“. A dialog will pop up. Copy the macOS version name and number and paste into your issue report email. Next, click on the “System Report” button in the About this Mac dialog – a dialog will pop up. Select “Hardware” on the left side, then select and copy the Hardware Overview info on the right. Paste this info into the email.

Beta Version
From your Mac’s Finder, go to where you have installed the Design 3D beta and select it, then select “Get Info” from the File menu. From the resulting dialog, copy the Version info (this will give you the version number – 8.64 – and the build number). Past this info into your issue report email.

Steps to Reproduce the Issue
Write in the email as much detail as you can about how to reproduce the issues – whether that’s a feature not working properly, a bug or even a crasher. Please keep a copy of any files you may have that will help in reproducing the issue – we may request a copy.

Crash Log Reports
If you experience a crash (let’s hope that doesn’t happen) you may be presented with a Mac system dialog with a title something like “Problem Report for Strata Design 3D CX“. There will be a large white area with lots of text and numbers. Click in this area, select all, copy and either paste this information into the issue report email or create a new text document, paste into that and attach the saved text document to your issue report email.

Software issues & errors forum

You can also participate in our forum specifically set up for reporting issues with our software. Not only can you report issues but you can also discuss with Strata and other users.

Not a Subscriber?

The beta is free for subscribers – but if you don’t currently have a subscription you can still join the beta by purchasing this special subscription offer. Pay just $4.95 the first month, then $19.95 a month thereafter. Cancel any time.

Thanks again for being a Strata user. We’re looking forward to seeing what creative projects you’re able to visualize with the Design 3D CX 8 x64 beta.

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