Strata 3D University is a subscription-based learning center for Strata Design 3D CX & Design 3D SE.

NEW! University Access is Included With All Subscription Software Licenses

For Design 3D CX & SE owners, or trial downloaders of these applications, the Strata 3D University is the fastest, easiest and most fun way to progress from a complete newbie to a 3D design professional. Our subscription plans allow you to enjoy unlimited access to the university and take your design skills to new heights.

New, fully-narrated video tutorials are added regularly, covering all aspects of the 3D design workflow. With Strata Design 3D software and the skills you learn here, there are no limits to your creative potential!

Free Sample Tutorials

7.5 Wrench Tutorial Series

Project: 7.5 Wrench Tutorial Series, by Chris Tyler

This project walks through various modeling, UV mapping and rendering aspects of the Design 3D 7.5 Wrench.

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Fundamentals of X, Y, Z

Fundamentals: The nature of X, Y, and Z, by Chris Tyler

This fundamentals tutorial discusses the basics of the X, Y, and Z axes.

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7.5 Wrench Tutorial Series

Fundamentals: View Manipulation, by Chris Tyler

This fundamentals tutorial discusses basic view manipulation; panning, rotating and zooming.

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