Executive Team Members

Our executive team are pioneers in the 3D graphics industry and continue to develop the latest in design technology and techniques.




Ken Bringhurst

Strata founder and Executive Chairman, Ken has more than 25 years of experience in navigating the technology landscape. As part of the executive team, Ken has guided Strata to win numerous business awards, including the MassMutual Blue Chip award, Entrepreneur of the Year award, and several product awards. Ken is a recognized pioneer in the graphics technology industry, having helped to establish accessible desktop 3D graphics.


Gary Bringhurst

Strata founder and Chief Technology Officer, Gary knows technology – from the latest in GPU coding to high-level C++, and is on the cutting edge of the latest in experiential 3D design technologies and hardware. When Gary co-founded Strata in 1988, the Mac he was developing on was just a black & white machine. Gary had the foresight and vision to see that full color, high-power computing was coming to the desktop in a friendly interface for the designers that Strata has always sought to serve. Keep an eye out for new options that Gary and his team continue to explore.