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Companies that use Strata tools and solutions include:

Strata Augmented Reality Platforms

Augmented reality can bring virtually any real world object to life. Whether that’s for marketing, training, technical compliance or other – Strata AR platforms can help build your business or your client’s business.

AR Newspapers - More Than Just Print

Interactive News allows readers to use their smartphones to “see” trigger images in the newspaper and access a deeper level of content. After downloading an app, readers simply hold their mobile phone over photos or blocks of text to launch interactive experiences, such as: movie trailers, read the local crime log, shop for a new car, view the last few minutes of a high school basketball game, or just explore different dimensions of a news story.

MLM AR - Network Marketing Comes Alive

MLM AR is an easy to use platform that allows Direct Selling Companies to connect a wide variety of virtual content to real life objects, images, products, packaging etc. MLM AR App technology will help you attract customers, close sales, and most importantly engage your distributors and customers. Once you try out MLM AR you will gain an understanding and will want to be a part of this new kind of immersion in design, visualization and presentation.

Card AR - No More Flat Boring Cards

Extend your storytelling ability and make flat cards come alive. Marketing messages have more impact. Business cards become videos. 3D objects pop off your cards. Once you experience the full capabilities of AR you’ll be committed to this new kind of immersion. Realize your ideas in new ways, sell your ideas with more impact, train your personnel in the most effective way possible. Stepping into the future will no longer be a metaphor – it’s your new reality.

Let Us Build Your AR Platform

Augmented reality is set to disrupt a series of markets and industries. Strata continues to build additional AR platforms that we’ll be introducing. If you don’t see a platform here that fits what you or your clients need let us know.

Strata is also looking for marketing partners for these specialty market segments. If you see a business opportunity to take this exciting new technology to a particular market, and you have the resources to launch into one of these spaces, let us know – We’d love to talk with you.

Forward-Thinking Applications That Bring Your 3D Designs to Virtual Reality

Strata is dedicated to bringing you the most powerful and intuitive design experience possible. Our latest app, Spaces VR allows you to bring 3D models into custom virtual reality environments where you can hold, and even step into your designs. By listening to your feedback, we plan to continually building out this exciting and immersive tool.

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Easy to Learn 3D Modeling Software

Design 3D gives you all the tools you need to complete your professional 3D modeling projects. If you’re familiar with Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, you’ll feel right at home with our UI. Our powerful 3D modeling software includes integrated modeling and scene composition so you can get to the final high quality images and animations that professional studios demand. Even though Design 3D is a stand-alone solution, it’s still connected to the other tools and resources you need so your overall workflow efficiency is maximized.

Learn more about Design 3D CX 8.0

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