Rob Stephens, 3D Character Designer/Illustrator

This week we sit down with artist Rob Stephens. Rob uses Strata 3D CX for a wide range of  3D modeling projects  including package design, product renders, and promotional graphics. But when you look at his portfolio, it doesn’t take long to realize that his forté is character design. With the path to 3D design never being a straight one, we wanted to see how Rob got into the field, and what pushes him forward.

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Yves Bernard, Graphic Designer / Art Director

Yves Bernard is a senior art director and graphic designer from Montreal (Canada). He received many years of graphic design training and worked for 20 plus years as creative-art director and studio manager within established Montreal agencies. He currently works as a self-employed, full service, creative-art director and graphic designer.

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Blair Buttke, Graphic Designer / Art Director

Blair Buttke is a senior graphic designer/art director from Arizona who has focused on package/product design for over 30 years. Blair has created retail packaging and brand identities for global, national and regional consumer products. He has designed and developed packaging and point of purchase for such companies as; Dial/Henkel, Dole, Conagra, Armour Star, H.E.B. and Inventure foods.

His career has largely been spent in that magical twenty-four inches between the shopping cart and the shelf.

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Xavier Mestres

Xavier Mestres, 3D Illustrator

Xavier Mestres is an illustrator and animator located in Barcelona, Spain. He started “Pentagrafic” in 2003 to offer 3D modeling, animation, and photo retouching for advertising agencies, architecture, and technical illustration clients. Pentagrafic’s clients include Antonio Puig Fragances, Nestle (Nespresso-DolceGusto), Unilever (Frigo), and various advertising agencies. Xavier has also created several Strata 3D resource libraries.

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Reynir Hauksson, Graphic Designer / Art Director

Reynir Hauksson is a senior graphic designer/art director from Reykjavik Iceland, who moved to USA in 1994 and is now located in New York. With a focus on retail packaging and more than 25 years of design experience, Reynir has created designs and packaging for companies all over the world such as; Fisher Price, Cardinal Industries, Jakks Pacific, Wizard Magazine (USA), Spin Master (Cananda), Educa Borras (Spain) and many more.

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Chris Tyler, 3D Illustrator and Animator

Chris Tyler is a Salt Lake City-based illustrator and animator, with a focus on lush, realistic lighting and modeling in the advertising industry. Chris has given back to the design community by writing training materials, such as the “Art & Science of Strata 3D CX”, teaching at the Red Rock Revival, and consistently helping out users on StrataCafe with animated tutorials and walkthroughs on new application features.

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