Chris Tyler, 3D Illustrator and Animator

Chris Tyler is a Salt Lake City-based illustrator and animator, with a focus on lush, realistic lighting and modeling in the advertising industry. Chris has given back to the design community by writing training materials, such as the “Art & Science of Strata 3D CX”, teaching at the Red Rock Revival, and consistently helping out users on StrataCafe with animated tutorials and walkthroughs on new application features.

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Volker Rentsch, Graphic Designer

Volker Rentsch is an Illustrator and lithographer, with focus on advertising and scientific illustration. During his 14 years experience, has worked as employee (retouching, layout, proofing) in different premedia-firms for such clients as Deutsche Bank, Thomas Cook, Tupperware, Aventis, Ogilvy & Mather, Young & Rubicam. In 2006 he decided to set up for his independence.

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Trevor Nelson, 3D Illustrator

Trevor Nelson is a Toronto-based illustrator/designer) with a focus on advertising and conceptual illustrations. During his 17 years of design experience, Trevor has worked with such high profile clients as Starbucks, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Purolator, Canada Post, The Hudson’s Bay Company, the Government of Canada, and more.

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Tom Macie, Architectural Illustrator

Tom Macie, currently living near Raleigh, NC, is a freelance 3D model artist dba, The preVision Company since 2004. Tom has an MFA in theatre design and production, and was on the faculty of UNC Wilmington for 18 years. In 1994 he traded watercolor perspectives and hand-drafting for rendering his designs in Strata 3D, and drafting in CAD.

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Tim Luncsford, Architectural Illustrator

Tim Luncsford ASAI is an architectural Illustrator and designer based in Indianapolis, Indiana with a focus on bringing his background in art and traditional painting & illustration to the 3D digital environment. During his 20 plus years of experience he has worked on a wide variety of projects which have included architectural, retail and legal work, for clients such as Hunt Construction, Pepsi-Cola and numerous Architects and Architectural firms.

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Steve Palmer, Freelance Illustrator

Steve Palmer is a freelance illustrator and designer based in Ocean Grove, New Jersey. He is semi-retired from a career in the publishing business, having been a Director of Production for mass market books at Random House, Inc., specializing in desktop applications and color print production. Currently he is freelancing in publishing-related layout and typography, illustration, and architectural visualization.

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Sakari Tiikkaja, The Finnishing Touch

Sakari Tiikkaja works in Haemeenlinna, Finland. He has more than 10 years of experience in advertising and graphic design. After working in Helsinki based advertising agencies he now runs his own business in Haemeenlinna doing illustration and design work for such clients as Nokia, Grand Casino Helsinki and Karisto publishers.

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Ronald Texier, 3D Illustrator

Ronald Texier lives and works in Poitiers, France. He has 10 years experience in the publishing and publicity field. He is currently a writer and graphic designer for a publishing company, and recently became a freelance 2D/3D illustrator. He is working for Sid Presse and two advertising agencies: Projet Atlantique and Effet Papillon.

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Rob Figee, Architectural Renderings

Rob Figee is an architectural Illustrator based in the Netherlands with a focus on urban and industrial building. During his 21 years experience in this field he worked for numerous clients such as building companies, architectural offices and estate agencies.

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Omar Medina, 3D Architecture

Omar Medina is a Mexico City and Cancun-based architectural illustrator with a focus on housing, condos and resorts. During his 9 years of design experience, Omar has worked with such high profile clients as Diego Villaseñor Arquitecto y Asociados, Sánchez Arquitectos y Asociados, Arquitectura y Diseños del Caribe, Arquitecto Gregorio Winer Rostenberg & Roberto Shapiro Shein, Horizone Developers. Also as part of teams for the projects area of McDonald’s, Ford Motor Company, Banamex-Citibank, Casas Geo, and more.

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