Ahmad Johari Builds on His Success with CX 8

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When Ahmad Johari, an architect from Malaysia, discovered Strata’s 3D modeling software, it opened up new vistas for his creativity. He now specializes in architectural rendering and hasn’t looked back since, which he attributes to his discovery of Strata.

Ahmad Johari clients

Ahmad’s projects span a wide range of some of the best known hotel and commercial management firms in the world, and key clients include prestigious international architectural firms – such as E&O Property Development,  BRDB Developments, and GDP Architects.

Ahmad shared his success using the newest version of Strata 3D with some of his latest work.

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His number one favorite feature of the latest release of Design 3D CX 8? Rendering speed with Embree. Nothing makes an architect cringe like working with slow rendering speeds, which is where Ahmad’s love for Strata derives. “The new features in S3D8 are just awesome for ArchViz. HD trees from Evermotion is no longer an issue. Rendering speed is just unbelievable.”

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His second favorite feature? High Dynamic Range (HDR) rendering. Rendering in 32-bit also gives the ultimate lighting control in post.” 

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Don’t believe it? Try it! Quickly bring your creative ideas to life with Strata’s award-winning rendering quality Design 3D CX 8.0 .


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