Interactive News AR at America East

Strata Partner Interactive News at America East Conference

America East Conference March 12-14, Hershey, PA:  America East Media Business and Technology Conference is the industry’s leading regional event, taking place in Hershey, Pennsylvania each year. This year Strata and Interactive News wowed the attendees with the cutting edge of augmented reality (AR).

“We are reinvigorating newspapers’ revenues while delighting readers by harnessing augmented reality technology to bring your printed newspaper to life.” said Jack Mitchel of Interactive News. After downloading a free app, readers simply hold their mobile phone over photos or blocks of text to launch the interactive experience. In a predicted $20-billion market by 2020, Interactive News is an affordable and easy-to-use platform for any sized newspaper – after all, it originated in a small newspaper with a staff size of 12 people. This app and platform is a game changer in the publishing world. We bring newspaper pages to life.


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