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Product Instructions: For special instructions regarding this purchase, please refer to your Strata Purchase Receipt email from

Email Receipts: You will receive two email receipts for this order.

One will be from This will be your Strata Purchase Receipt. It will provide you with the Product Download Links and any necessary License Keys.

Note: Please keep your Strata Purchase Receipt e-mail for future reference of your download links and license keys issued.

The second receipt comes from our payment processor and will have our parent company name in the subject – Strata Mixed Reality Inc. (orders that don’t involve a charge will not get this second receipt).

The second receipt will not contain any download links or necessary license keys – so please don’t confuse the payment ID, payment key or order ID for a License Key – these are all separate numbers completely.

If you don’t receive your email receipts please check your spam or junk email folders as receipts can sometimes be caught in these types of filters.

Download Links: Your download link will be located in your Strata Purchase Receipt, under the “Products Purchased section” in BLUE.

License Keys: Not all products require a license key. For those that do, you will find it at the bottom of the Strata Purchase Receipt email that is sent from Strata ( License keys will appear in RED at the bottom of the Strata Purchase Receipt email. If you cannot find the email receipt please check your spam folder.

Generating an Invoice: The product purchase information provided on this Purchase Confirmation page can always be found by going to the “Store” menu and selecting My Account > Sign In (if you aren’t signed in yet), then select Store > My Account > Purchase History Then on that Purchase History page refer to Section “Purchase History” click on Download Invoice. This invoice will not provide you download links or license keys.