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Design 3D gives you the power to complete professional quality projects. You can also bring in models from Foto 3D and Cobalt. Create high-quality renderings and animations – as well as output for web 3D, VR, AR – and even 3D print your project.

Design 3D CX Overview Video

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Cobalt’s flexible 3D modeling matches professional power with speed and ease of use. Get on-demand, dimensionally constrained and equation-driven parametrics that make creating variations on a design faster and easier than ever before. Cobalt’s precise 3D data guarantees accurate drawings and compelling marketing images. Export data for fabrication, 3D printing, or send shop drawings to manufacturing.

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Foto 3D allows you to use any digital camera or smartphone to capture real-world objects as fully textured 3D models. It’s ideal for difficult to model objects like organic shapes, soft forms and hand made items. The included Photoshop plug-in makes model creation even easier. Perfect for developing packaging, games, illustrations, online catalogs and more. Bring the models in to the other products in the Strata Design Suite to further expand the possibilities.

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Spaces provides solutions to present and design in virtual and augmented reality. Spaces VR allows you to explore your design ideas and create immersive virtual demonstrations for clients, customers and coworkers. Use pre-made spaces to present your design ideas in virtual reality – or create your own spaces that you can walk directly into. See your projects from Foto 3D, Cobalt and Design 3D in VR – as if you’re holding your design right in your hand – or even walk into your design projects.

*Publish to Spaces VR from either Mac or Windows version of Design 3D. Spaces VR requires HTC Vive VR headset and compatible Windows computer.

Spaces VR Overview Video

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Strata 3D University gives you hundreds of hours of video tutorials, templates and training exercises so you can become an expert in no time. Projects that focus on packaging design, product design, space-layout and more are included.

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Need a Head Start with your Design?

The Strata Asset store has an ever-growing library of packaging designs that give you the perfect starting point for your project. Add your own graphics, modify geometry and make any changes you want to get to where you and your client want to go.

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The Strata AR Platform gives you cutting edge tech you can offer to your clients while getting an ongoing 20% commission for yourself. On top of getting a commission, you get a new content pipeline that you can fill for your clients – yet another way to make money from Strata AR. Signup now and save 40% for you firm or your clients.

So, what is the Strata AR Platform? Learn more:

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