Ready to give Design 3D CX a try?

The Design 3D CX trial is a limited time, fully functional version of the application. The trial is available for both Mac and PC and is free to use for the duration of the trial. Scroll down for download access.

To download, install and activate the trial use the following instructions:

  • Step #1 – Download. Use the buttons below to download your desired version of Design 3D CX. You’ll be required to enter your name and email address. You’ll receive an email from Strata with the download link for the trial. If you don’t see the email please check your spam folder. Download the trial using the link in the email.
  • Step #2 – Install. Launch the downloaded installer application and follow the instructions.
  • Step #3 – Complete the Trial Activation Process. Launch the installed Design 3D application. The splash screen will come up with a “Start Trial” button in the upper left. Click on the Start Trial button.
  • Step #4 – Start Design 3D. Once the trial is successfully started click on the “Start Design 3D” button in the lower right of the splash screen/activation dialog. Design 3D CX will start and you’re ready to begin creating!

Design 3D CX for Mac

For Mac we offer two versions of the trial: 1) The legacy version (contains some 32-bit code) that runs on Macs using the Mojave version of MacOS (or older) on Intel processors. 2) x64 – The all 64-bit version beta for Intel and M-Series Macs runs on Mojave and newer versions of the MacOS. The current version of the Mac beta is stable* and getting great reviews and can be used for production work.

*Caution: Even though the beta has reached a stable level, as with all beta software, you’ll want to be careful when working on important projects. Save often and use increments to create versions of your projects in case of file corruption. Partial or even full loss of projects and work files is possible, so consider using the legacy version of Design 3D if you have concerns.

Trial: Legacy Version for Older Macs

Trial: x64 Beta for Newer Macs

Design 3D CX for Windows PCs

On Windows the shipping version of Design 3D CX is fully 64-bit. Files are compatible with the Mac versions.

Trial: Design 3D CX for Windows

Want Longer Access?

You can get continuous access to Design 3D using this special subscription offer. Pay just $4.95 for the first month, then $19.95 a month thereafter. Cancel any time.

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