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Do you have clients and designers who need to test out different branding, graphics, color treatments, etc., but who aren’t versed in 3D? There’s a good chance these people have Adobe Creative Cloud – and Creative Cloud includes Adobe’s easy to use 3D visualizing tool, Dimension. This tutorial by Chris Tyler will show you how to make the connection.

Video 1: Basic Principles. In this video, Chris takes you through some of the basic skills and principles about working with Dimension. Design 3D and Dimension have many similarities – but there are some key differences. How you move models from Design 3D to Dimension requires some forethought. Chris gets you started here.

Video 2: Groups, Transformations & Textures. In this video, Chris covers the need to utilize a copy of your project for a working file to prepare you model for export to Dimension. This includes dealing with transformations (rotation, position, scale), polygon density, and how to maintain texture applications.

Video 3: Nested Objects. In this video, Chris breaks down how nested objects can be flattened out to prepare for export. How these groups and nested objects impact linked textures in Dimension is also covered. Chris shows you how to relink textures in Dimension so that multiple objects reference a single texture (as you might have it set up in Design 3D).

Video 4: Textures & Materials Expanded. Chris further covers the fine points of how the texture and material system in Design 3D works relative to the system in Dimension and how to make sure your working file is set up for export to get the best result.

Video 5: Setting up for Rendering. In this video, Chris give you some of the finer details for how to set up your Dimension scene for rendering. This includes options for ground plane objects and adjusting the lighting. These are key elements to ensure that once you hand off your file the recipients have a ready to go scene.

Video 6: Final Tweaking. Chris gives you additional insight about how to polish your Dimension file. How to position the camera, make final adjustments to the textures – and how these adjustment effect the model recipient’s final renderings. Chris also shows how your clients and down-line designers can easily update the model with new graphics and branding – which is the ultimate power of this Design 3D/Dimension connection.

Connect to Millions of Creative Cloud Users and Expand Your Reach

Once you have these skills mastered, you’ll be be able to share your designs – whether they be packaging, container, product, point-of-purchase displays, exhibit designs, illustration elements – or whatever you have in mind.

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