About the Product

Get Full Solid and Surface Modeling – Including NURBS – in Our Organic Workflow™

Monthly Subscription License for Windows

Cobalt’s flexible 3D modeling matches professional power with speed and ease of use in our unique Organic Workflow design process. Available for both Macintosh and Windows, Cobalt lets creative people work without worrying about their software. Designers save time and money by moving quickly from conception through completion in the real world of last minute changes. Primarily for designers, engineers and inventors, Cobalt provides on-demand, dimensionally constrained and equation-driven parametrics that make creating variations on a design faster and easier than ever before in 3D design software.

The Cobalt workflow is addictive—ask any Cobalt customer why they use our products and you’ll hear about the magical feel of creative simplicity and efficient power. Cobalt anticipates your needs and quietly offers help without distraction or intrusion.

Work in a non-linear creative environment—Cobalt’s “Organic Workflow” allows designers to create outstanding products through easy design iteration, transparent tools, and hands-on control of the production process. Start anywhere necessary within the design process and move freely in any direction. This allows the creative process to sustain radical change while still maintaining integrity.

Design any shape imaginable—even the organic forms essential to high-end design. Traditional CAD lacks the flexibility to create truly aesthetic, uniquely beautiful forms. Not so with Cobalt.

Sketch in 2D and 3D—play with an idea, explore, discover. Only pencil and paper compete. Once you begin working with Cobalt you’ll understand why the product enjoys such a loyal user base.

Join the leaders—from renowned jewelry designers in New York and Paris to athletic equipment companies in the Pacific Northwest, from Apple Computer to Scaled Composites, Cobalt’s flexibility frees creative people to focus on design – and produce award winning, legendary products.

Control the workflow—you can manage files even in the real world of multiple systems and users. Cobalt provides seamless data integration and accurate file sharing through our unparalleled set of translators, all included free.

Realize profits sooner—can you afford to wait? Cobalt streamlines the design process from start to finish, saving you time and money.

Cobalt Share™ Included – View • Print • Export Your CAD & 3D Modeling Files

Share allows others to open, view, print and export Ashlar-Vellum CAD and 3D modeling files from their own Mac or Windows desktop. It displays exactly what you intended, not some translation that might be just a little different. It’s especially helpful for interacting with clients or production people using:

  • AutoCAD
  • SolidWorks
  • Solid Edge
  • Pro/E

Share for Mac and Windows is included with your purchase. You are free to provide Share to clients, customers – anyone you wish.

  • Initial payment of $119.50 ($59.95 License Fee plus $59.95 first month)