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About the Product

Designer: Xavier Mestres

Cobblestone 01: All textures are existing materials in the market, in order to ensure these materials will be available if used on a real project.

Textures allow high level detail, zooms can be made without loss of quality. You will find en the same folder two or three versions of each bitmap texture in different resolutions (hi/md/lw), bump maps, and reflect maps, according to each type of texture.

Full tileable
Cobblestone 01-MP(hi).jpg – 4000 x 2380 px. /Cobblestone 01-BM(hi).jpg – 4000 x 2380 px.
Cobblestone 01-MP(md).jpg – 2000 x 1190 px. / Cobblestone 01-BM(md).jpg – 2000 x 1190 px.
Cobblestone 01-MP(lw).jpg – 1000 x 595px. / Cobblestone 01-BM(lw).jpg – 1000 x 595 px.