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v8_mac_subscription_upgradeDESIGN 3D CX 8 MAC x64 UPGRADE 7.x (Subscription)

Get started with Design 3D at the lowest entry cost we offer. Stay current with the latest features and updates to Design 3D CX as soon as they’re ready. All upgrades will be free so long as you stay current with your subscription payments. Subscription is a great option for creative professionals on a budget and who want to have the latest.

When purchasing a Strata Subscription, please read
Subscriptions Terms & FAQ  Refund & Return Policy

Your Subscription Also Includes the Strata 3D University!

monthly_university_subscriptionLearn Design 3D From the Pro”s

For Design 3D owners and trial downloaders, the Strata 3D University is the fastest, easiest and most fun way to progress from a complete newbie to a 3D design professional.

New, fully-narrated video tutorials are added regularly, covering all aspects of the 3D design workflow. With Strata Design 3D software and the skills you learn here, there are no limits to your creative potential!

The Monthly Subscription plan is a recurring subscription to the University, that is tied to your software subscription. Enjoy unlimited access to the university and take your design skills to new heights!
nent) are also fully illuminated, whereas those would appear as black in 7.5.

  • Initial payment of $24.90 ($4.95 License Fee plus $19.95 first month).

  • Initial payment of $184.35 ($24.75 License Fee plus $159.60 first month)

  • Initial payment of $209.10 ($49.50 License Fee plus $159.60 first month)