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After you have downloaded your software, you will have access to a Design 3D Fundamentals video series from within the user interface that will help you become oriented with the application. You will also be able to use the software in Design 3D CX mode for up to 30 days, before it reverts back to the free version.

If you really want to kickstart your 3D skills, we have an offer for you that is not publicly available in our store.

monthly_university_subscriptionIf you buy right now, you can access unlimited online video training for 30 days at the Strata 3D University for just $5!

The University has something for everyone who is using all versions of Design 3D, from those who are brand new to 3D design and concepts, to the most seasoned 3D professionals.

So if you’re serious about exploring 3D, this uber small investment in your future is a no brainer. After 30 days, your subscription will continue at this deeply discounted price of $5 per month, but you always have the option to cancel your subscription at anytime – pain free. So if 30 days is enough for you, that’s also fine by us.

And the best part? It’s only $5. Seriously!

If you decide to upgrade to a software subscription at any time in the future, your monthly University subscription is included as part of that subscription.

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