About the Product

Premium Support

Forums-iconGet access to the Premium Support and Consultation forums where expert users and Strata personnel provide rapid response to your questions and even provide project specific consultation to help you get your work done as quickly as possible with the highest quality results.


Email support questions will also get priority for Premium Support subscribers. We think you’ll find that the Support Forums will be the best way to find answers to questions that other may have already asked, and to get answers to your own questions.

Subsciprtion&univ-iconsPremium Support is already included in Design 3D CX and Strata 3D University Subscriptions – these subscriptions are our best value

For users who already have – or are considering – purchase of a Design 3D CX product subscription, or a Strata 3D University subscription – Premium Support comes bundled with these subscriptions, so no need to purchase this product. Keep in mind that University and Design 3D CX subscriptions are only a little more money per month, so you may want to consider these products rather than only a Premium Support subscription.