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About the Product

Designer: kleinnewmedia

SHTXTRBV1-2TProfessionally made content perfect for any project involving interior and exterior building textures.

This collection of high quality textures provides everything a user needs for projects, photorealistic illustration etc. that require a quality finish. Included are 45 building textures, bricks, concrete, stucco, wall covering, stone, pavement, tiles, roof, granite, marble, wood, rust, glass and more. With Textures: Building Vol. 1, Strata Design 3D CX users have all the tools at their disposal to quickly create convincing scenes with just the right textures.

Developed by Pentagrafic in Spain

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All the textures are hi-res photographic and can be used by any 2D or 3D application supporting the “jpg” format.

All textures are existing materials in the market, in order to ensure these materials will be available if used on a real project.