Finding Just the Right Fit for Gatorade

Design Firm: Five Seconds
3D Designer: Norberto Calderon
Client:  Gatorade


Project Summary:
Fitline is a product of Gatorade made and sold exclusively in Mexico. Its target audience is women with an active lifestyle. Based on technology and scientific research,  the opportunity to develop a totally different brand was presented to the firm, Five Seconds.  Norberto Calderon and his team were tasked with the challenge to develop a creative concept fitting for the name, Fitline.

The renderings you see here were part of the creative process to come up with design ideas. These became great assets to the creative packaging team as they made adjustments to the design before presenting them to the customer for the final approval.
4 inclinados_72dpi.jpg
One of Norberto’s biggest challenges was calibrating the bottles liquid textures, in terms of color and refraction, as much as possible.  He worked with not only two translucent objects but sometimes three, if it included a heat-shrinkable or wraps.  This increased the complexity of the project and the render times.
On the other hand, the scene environment played an exponential role in the whole process of calibrating all the elements around the bottles and their contents.  This process probably took the most time, mainly because of all the test renderings done during the 3D modeling process, sometimes being asked to create scenes similar to a photographic set.
In general, Norberto finds that there are always challenges with the complexity of 3D modeling. However, this is what makes the work fascinating and exciting for him. “There have been cases where it looks nearly impossible, but I have ‘this feeling’ I’ll eventually fix it.” These challenges are ultimately what keeps Norberto interested and intrigued and why he is still enjoys 3D modeling today.
Norb Gat Wireframe.jpg
It took several evaluations of different scenarios before getting it just right, evaluating many different scenarios during each part of the design process before completing all the finished compositions. According to Norberto, you can determine a render well-done if it captures the viewer’s attention and it’s difficult to spot where the designer’s work began. Often times, Norberto says you wouldn’t even recognize the final render if you saw the drawing board!
In general, Norberto finds solutions to his 3D challenges by doing some of his own research, finding pages like the Strata Blog helpful,  and then allowing himself to practice many times over. Once his work is completed and delivered, he finds great satisfaction in looking back and seeing the decisions that helped to solve the problems that arose during the design process.
Norb Gat WireFrame 2
The client and his co-workers all gave Norberto great reviews. Of course these final images were not his first submission. It required constantly feedback as Norberto and his team worked on brand’s design direction. There were many renderings done before the final approval. On many occasions the images took several months to get approval on aspects of the design. At the same time, that the brand identity and the packaging were being developed.
Due to Norberto’s contributions to the Fitline project, he was later given the opportunity to participate in additional Gatorade projects as seen here, a relationship that has lasted for several years.
Norb kid gat
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