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free textures

The thing about free textures…

Most places don’t hand out freebies just for kicks (yes, even those beloved Costco samples).  Sifting through dozens of websites looking for free textures can be a time waster, fortunately for you, we’ve done all the dirty work. Read ahead as we break down 12 different places for you to find high quality and free textures for your 3d modeling projects.


A large library of textures that can be used in graphic design, 3d modeling, and game development. Gives 15 free textures to users every day. Requires you to create an account.

Creative Bloq

A great design blog that happens to offer 40 free textures. 

Archive Textures

100’s of pages of free textures in .JPG format. Make sure to click on each one and read usage rights. Most images tend to use a disclaimer that states “This texture may be used in any commercial way only if it is a part of artwork or project. Single reselling or redistribution of this texture is prohibited.”


Over 600 free “sample” textures. Many of these have restrictions such as “private use only.”


Known mostly for its 3D model library, TurboSquid houses an array of free textures. It’s not super obvious how to find them, but just follow the link we’ve provided and filter by lower cost items first. That will let you browse the freebies first.

3D Total

A difficult to navigate but large library of of “Royalty Free” textures. Site requires you to turn off your ad blocker in exchange for its free resources. 3D Total also offers paid for texture packs.


A beautiful site with 30 free textures. Also offers a free trial that lets you download more. Majority of textures require a subscription (starting at $10 up to over $100).


Not the largest collection, but provides licensing info and specs for each texture. Also makes textures browsable by topic.


Not geared specifically towards 3D artists. But still has lots of textures if you search for them. Be sure to click on each image and read the Morguefile usage license.


Seeing as this is one of the most visually appealing sites, it makes sense that it also has some of the artsiest and most carefully curated textures available. Not all of the textures are free, but many are. It’s probably best to search “textures” with nothing specific in mind and see if anything catches your attention.

Textures Library

Not the largest library or most up to date site. But has some well-divided categories with some interesting and high res textures.

Lugher Texture

A texture library aimed specifically at the 3d artist. Has a nice variety of free textures, especially its medieval collection.  


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