Free Update: Design 3D CX 8.1.1

Another important update was released today. Design 3D CX 8.1.1 adds 12 fixes and improvements. Added to the recent free 8.1 update this makes for more than 30 important changes to Design 3D CX.


If you have “Automatic Update Checks” turned on in the Help menu of Design 3D CX 8 for Mac you should see this dialog. Follow the instructions to complete the update.

You can see, as illustrated by the fun rendering by Daniel Moore, that computer memory can get a bit whacky (especially if you wire it the way that Daniel has!). Design 3D CX 8.1.1 has greatly improved how low memory situations are being handled, with  a third of the updates coming in this area. Our terrific beta team has worked very hard to pound on this release to make sure that it’s ready for professional work.

The image below is an excellent example of what you can do with 8.1.1 (along with some skill and creativity!). Some of you may be fans of Chris Tyler and his great work displayed on the Strata 3D University. Chris really shows off his skill in the series of renderings that this image was selected from:


For more information – or if you’re a Design 3D CX 8 owner – you can download the new release here.


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