Strata Helps Intern Become Professional

Many of us can commiserate with designer Norb Calderon when he shares stories of being an intern, low on the totem pole. However, for Norb, an internship is also where he experienced his big break. One Monday afternoon he was approached by one of his directors and asked if he could model 3 bottles using Strata’s 3d modeling software. Having only minimal experience with 3D graphic design, Norb had his work cut out for him. He became fast friends with Strata 3D despite the fact that there were few tutorials at the time (and definitely no helpful videos from Chris Tyler.)

Norb Gat Wireframe.jpg

With a short 3-day deadline looming, Norb got to work and successfully finished the project.  To his surprise when he arrived at work the next week he was assigned to the 3D department and continued making 3D product shots.  This was a career-launching experience for Norb.

Norb Gat WireFrame 2

Norb attributes this first “most important achievement” to the help of Strata. What seemed like a menial internship in 2004 was the turning point for Norb as he realized his passion for industrial design.

Norb kid gat

And we’re so glad he did! These impressive renders wouldn’t be here today without his talented work. Norb now works as a Design & Production Manager for Papalote Children’s Museum as well as an independent designer for product design agencies in Mexico City.

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