Reviving the Past with a 60’s Classic

Larry Travers, an architect from Canada, uses Strata to visualize his architecture concepts. From residential interiors to skyscrapers, Larry has graciously shared with us many of his beautiful images over the years. For scale and realism, Larry likes to populate his exterior shots with vehicles. So, if you’re going to model a car why not have some fun and create a classic?


This 1961 Corvette was modeled by Larry using actual photos of the car and Strata’s grid template feature. He shared his work on StrataCafe by posting renderings of the car and the actual model for other designers to download and use.


Fellow Strata user, Sebastien of SEB Graphsite, enjoys 3D vehicle design as a hobby alongside his professional work as a graphic designer. Sebastien downloaded the model from the StrataCafe resources section, made some modifications in Strata 3D CX 8 and was able to render his own take on this 60’s classic. Groovy, right?

Sebastien's vette

And it gets better – this Corvette isn’t the only model Larry has shared for public use on StrataCafe. Head over to Larry’s gallery to view more of his work, and the go to the cars and vehicles sections of the StrataCafe resources to find models you can use in the newest release of Strata 3D CX 8!

Thanks for sharing with our other users Larry, and allowing this beautiful model to reclaim its glory days!

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