Strata Design 3D CX 7.0.7 Update – Mac

Strata Design 3D CX 7.0.7 Update / Mac
Platform: Mac OS X / File Size: 193.6 MB

Release Notes

Updater Requirements
You must have Strata Design 3D CX 7.0.x in order to update to version 7.0.7. This updater will also update the PDF import extensions and Photoshop plug-ins if these have been installed into Strata Design 3D CX 7.

NOTE: The 7.0.7 update is NOT a Design 3D CXi (App Store) update. Software purchased through the Mac App Store will be updated through the App Store.

What’s been fixed in 7.0.7:

  • Boolean fixes to deal with reports of boolean objects not displaying in the modeling view or in renderings, like they did in previous versions.
  • Several fixes for the polygon editor dissolve function.
  • Fix for crash when dissolving vertices. This process can still take a long time if large quantities of vertices are selected.
  • Changes to see if we can avoid the (setworkingtool) crash that a few users have encountered.
  • Now allowing long file names in the Object Properties, Project Window and other Edit Text fields where appropriate.
  • Fixes for importing of long file name files so that they aren’t truncated.
  • Added the “Sounds” folder to the custom resource folder configuration location so that you can add your own .wav audio files.
  • Added support for using the option-key to close all open snapshot image windows for the active model.
  • Fix for a rare crash that could occur while closing modeling windows.
  • Fix for polygon editor CPU high usage issue.
  • Fix for canceling of OBJ’s MTL file prompt aborting the OBJ geometry data import.
  • Fix an issue with loading some files containing IK Bone objects that have been put into a shape.
  • Fix for some add point tool selecting issues in wireframe and outline modes.
  • Fix for a tool button sync issue.
  • Fix for a hang or error alert when showing the About dialog (for example) with an active rendering using some special camera types.
  • Fixed a crash on quit situation.
  • Fixed an issue with opening models containing an FBX object.
  • Fixed a Collada (.zae) issue with files containing spaces in the filename.