Design 3D CX 8 x64 version 8.64 (Build 219)

A variety of fixes and updates.

Design 3D CX 8 x64 version 8.64 (Build 219)
Platform: Mac OS X

Design 3D CX 8 x64 version 8.64 (Build 219)


Release Requirements
You must have an active subscription to Design 3D CX or have purchased a new license (upgrade or standard license) for the x64 version of Design 3D CX for Mac. Existing subscribers can update here. Upgrades and new standard licenses can be purchased here.

To update your Strata Design 3D CX 8 software to Build 219 from an earlier x64 build do the following:

If you’ve already downloaded and installed the initial x64 for Mac release build, simply download the product again (using your original email receipt from Strata) and run the installer again. This will install build 219 over the top of your currently installed Design 3D copy.

  1. Download Design 3D CX 8 x64 for Mac using the link in your email receipt from Strata. [NOTE: you must first purchase either a new license or an upgrade in order to get an email receipt. If you already have an active subscription see the link above to get the update.]
  2. Launch the newly downloaded installer “Design 3D CX 8 x64 version 8.64.pkg”
  3. The installer package may open in the background – you may need to navigate through your open applications to find it.
  4. Follow the update steps outlined in the installer window
  5. If this is a new install (not yet licensed), run the application and enter your Design 3D license number (the number will appear in RED near the bottom of the email receipt)

Release Notes

This update fixes:

  • Fix for rendering stereo image pairs where the final frame was black
  • Fixed particle fountain metaball option
  • Fixed gravity and wind orientation controls in the air tab
  • Fixed opening a shape window resulting in the wrong window
  • Fixed clicking in a window after using the open/import file dialog resulting in a bogus double-click
  • Disable GL_SPOT_CUTOFF for Arm builds on macOS because Apple has broken the feature
  • Change the rendering log to utf8 encoding
  • Avoid reordering and accidentally showing miniaturized windows
  • Switch the UI strings from prompting for .strata to .mtxt for Minicad import file types
  • Show errors when the Import command failsa