Strata Sculpt 3D

Virtual clay, sculpting, modeling and 3D painting application.

Sculpt 3D is a web based app that allows you to model 3D objects as if they were virtual clay. You can start with simple objects like spheres and cubes – or you can import your own models into Sculpt 3D. Push, pull, twist and inflate the surface – among many other modeling options. Sculpt 3D also allows you to paint on the surface. The app even supports pressure sensitive pens for the ultimate control. When you’re done with your project you can export the model and bring it into Strata Design 3D, Spaces VR – or whatever your favorite 3D application is.

Strata Sculpt 3D Hotkeys

• The ‘~’ character means “while pressed”.
Note: You may need to click in the right side control panel, and then back into the modeling view in order to get hotkeys to function

You control the camera when you click on the canvas (but not on the model surface), or with mouse right click.
Double click on the canvas will reset the camera, double click on the model will focus on the clicked area.

Keys Result
~Alt + move camera pan camera (if you release alt you switch to zoom mode)
~Ctrl + move camera zoom camera
Shift + move camera Snap to nearest 90°
= Reset camera
4 Left view
5 Front view
6 Right view
7 Back view
8 Top view
9 Bottom view
Arrow keys fps-like movement
Up arrow Dollies in
Down arrow Dollies out
Left arrow Pans left
Right arrow Pans right


Keys Result
H Hiddenline Wireframe [toggles this rendering mode]
G Smooth shading [toggles to Flat shading]


Keys Result
M Move
B Brush
I Inflate
Tools Twist
S Smooth
F Flatten
V Vise Pinch
C Crease
D Drag
P Paint
Spacebar Transform tool
A invert brush sign
~W Color/Material picker (when paint tool selected)
~Alt invert brush sign
~Shift smooth tool
~X edit radius (mouse move)
~C edit intensity (horizontal mouse move)
~Ctrl masking tool
Ctrl + click invert the mask
Ctrl + drag clear the mask


Keys Result
Ctrl + Z undo
Ctrl + Y redo

Strata Sculpt 3D is based on the SculptGL work done by Stéphane Ginier. The base source can be found at

Strata Sculpt 3D brings real-time 3D sculpting to everyone. Easy to use and works right in your browser.

Ken Bringhurst

Control Palette offers many options:

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