Basic Polygon Editing for Beginners (CX, CXi only)

This is a series of short videos for beginners who want to dive into polygon editing. If you don’t know where to start this is a good place. It walks through the creation of a basic shape, showing how to achieve it in multiple ways. You’ll get a taste of subdivision surfaces too.

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  1. zwingler


    I’m on the second video and it will not allow me to cut the top of the box off. Do you have any suggestions?

  2. Chris Tyler

    Do you have the latest version of Design3D? The cutting and pasting functionality didn’t exist in the 6.0 release, it was introduced in the 6.1 update. Or, if you’ve double-clicked the object to edit it, the cut and paste functionality won’t be available there.

  3. Jambo

    Hey Chris,

    When I extrude the curved top down it gets slightly bigger. So after I align to grid I have a flat bottom but my side walls are flared out slightly. Then, figuring that’s not the end of the world I go ahead and follow you to the point of extruding the bottom across and it does not come off the bottom but extrudes just above the bottom and it leaves a little chamfer on the side walls. Not sure if the 2 anomalies are related or not but it’s got me stuck. I’ve gone in and cleaned it up by deleting points on the side wall which flattens the bottom out but am wondering where I went wrong.

  4. jameswangphoto

    Does Design 3D SE 7.5 have the “Hard Vertex” functionality? Is there any way of completing the tutorial without it?

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