Fundamentals: The Nature of Active Grids

This fundamentals video helps to explain the nature of grids in Design3D. Active grids are a fundamental feature of Design3D. They help translate 2D mouse movements into 3-dimensional space. This allows you to move, rotate and scale items in a precise way. Watch these videos to understand this important functionality. Note: Design 3D CX interface is shown but the operations are the same for SE.


View manipulation
Command + [: Fit View to Grid (video 1, 1:35)
Grid manipulation
X key: Activate X grid for freeform movement relative to this grid (video 1, 3:00)
C key: Activate Y grid for freeform movement relative to this grid
Z key: Activate Z grid for freeform movement relative to this grid (video 1, 3:30)
PC Key Equivalents: Command = Control; Option = Alt

Using Active Grids. This first video is a simple tutorial for new users.

If you want extended basic information about grids and active grids, watch the following video.

Lights Out


  1. shepherd

    Thank you! I’ve been searching for a video like this for weeks! Exactly what I’ve been looking for to explain grid theory

  2. Chris Tyler

    I’m glad this was useful. Please let me know if there are other ‘basics’ questions you may have as it would be useful in developing training material for these.



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