Fundamentals: Using a Camera

This fundamentals tutorial describes how to use a 3D camera in Design3D. Note: Design 3D CX interface is shown but the operations are the same for SE.

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  1. tokyogio

    I’m really not clear on how you turned the sphere into a camera target after the cmd+7 (make construction). Some instructions seem to be missing: when I select the camera I do not get an option to “make target” in the shown Object Property pull down menu. The only option I still have is “none”.

  2. Paul Redshaw

    Really enjoyed this tutorial.
    It was easily expained and will deffintely be trying it out. Good one.
    oh..any tutorials on rendering out wire frames?

  3. Christopher Tyler

    I don’t think I have a tutorial specifically dealing with rendering wireframes but I could easily record one later today.

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