Light Box

We will create a simple light box for rendering objects.

It is a simple box with two glowing surfaces and an endless backdrop.

The light box enables us to dispense with setting up environments. Just copy and paste the desired object into the light box and render.

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  1. kidokwan

    Hello Mr. Tyler. I used this tutorial for some of my smaller models and it worked great. I have very very little experience with lighting so I was wondering….. If you could show me a tutorial where I could set up a light studio where the room could be about 96 inches x 120 inches x 96 inches high. I have a baby grand piano, classical acoustic guitar and a drum set but I just don’t know how to set the lights for reflections, and shadows etc. I would like to use this room for all or most of my models I create without spending too much time with lighting. I seem to spend more time on lighting than model creation. Thank you for any help, advice or even a tutorial if you can.
    Roy Sullivan. I am on Facebook with some of my models displayed.

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