Disco Ball

Using a sphere and the Polygon Modeler, we can whip up a disco ball in no time. With a couple spotlights and caustics rendering the results are quite good.

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  1. shepherd

    Hmm…following this exactly & I’m not getting the spot effects on the wall. Is it due to my lighting angle or rendering angle? Is there a specific material applied to the background wall that allows for the Photons/Caustics to show?

  2. shepherd

    Did it that time & I just got 2 large sharp grey circles (assuming photons) on my back wall. Does my back wall need a material? Is it incumbent on my light angles?

  3. shepherd

    No luck! Must be me doing something wrong. I have my material set exactly for the disco ball. I have 2 spot lights set up & my lightdome set to Physics w/Orientation & Reflected checked & Ambient unchecked. Intensity at 100. My back wall is set up w/no material & have tried different distances from the disco ball w/similar results. It looks like it wants to give me some photons, but it’s generally 2-3 solid sharp circles on the wall, no color in them. I’ll keep trying. Is there any settings applied to the wall in the background (material?)

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