Modeling a Can Pull Tab with Polygon Modeling and Subdivision Surfaces, Part 1

This tutorial is a beginner tutorial on modeling a can pull tab. I try to review some of the elementary polygon modeling concepts involved, but I also assume you are not totally new to polygon modeling and subdivision surfaces. This tutorial uses Design 3D 7’s new template images and multi-edge bridging, but with a couple of adjustments could easily be done in CX 6.

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  1. ledavi

    I greet,
    I Have the programme The loss_Design3D_CX6 6.2 but do I not have EDIT GRID TEMPLATE in
    zakladce EDIT
    and do not know why?

    *the written text by the translator small folt can be the public meeting
    I Greet
    Andrew Nadiałkowski

  2. Hi, Andrew. This tutorial uses a few features that are specific to version 7. Version 6.2 does not have grid templates; that is new with version 7. If you would like to do this exercise in version 6, you can create an image texture using the scan of the can top (convert the PNG image to jpeg or psd), and apply that to a rectangle. It won’t work quite as well, but it may help you out.

    I also bridged several edges at once in this tutorial. You cannot do that in version 6.2, either. You will have to bridge them one set at a time. Other aspects of this tutorial should work just fine in version. 6.2.

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