Quick Tip – Adjusting the Clipping Plane and Resetting the View

Reset Strata 3D Clipping and ViewCreated with Design 3D SE (pre-App Store version). For SE and CX users.

You may have come across a situation where the front portion of your view seems to be sliced off. This can be alarming or frustrating until you learn what it is and how to handle it. In this video, we will learn ways to manipulate the clipping plane, and reset the view to a selected object, to all objects, or to the active grid.

Note: In this video, I initially refer to the Hand Tool as the Move Tool… this is incorrect! That is the View Move Tool.

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  1. nateb

    Thank you so much I was wondering why parts of the model I was working on was being clipped. It was especially good to learn how to make the whole model appear with out the clipping plane.

  2. Jambo

    Hey Jean, Jim K here. Hope your doing well. Still trying to learn Strata while keeping up with my other work. This was a good video that solved one of my issues. My current challenge that brought me to the tut is how to reorientate a bounding box around and object. I purchased a bicycle from turbosquid and I need to make it a tandem. but the model I bought is leaning on a kickstand and the front tire is turned. So I need to stand it up, turn the wheel and do some editing. However, all the bounding boxes are orientated to the ground plain so when I tip the bike up into riding position the bounding box is no longer parallel to the ground plane so if I move an element it is not constrained and it takes a lot more fiddling to get it in position. Let me know if that makes sense.

  3. Jim, sorry to be so slow to reply. You can actually rotate all the polygons in this situation, so that they match the bounding box. To do this, take each mesh into an edit session, select all faces, and rotate using the rotate tool, until the mesh of the bike sits upright, matching its bounding box. This will be a bit of an eyeball-it prospect, so using nudge-rotate may help do this in controlled increments.

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