Using incidence angle to control the stencil channel

This texturing tutorial shows how to use the stencil channel to change the appearance of a surface as the curvature changes (using an interpolator like Fresnel or Cosine). This has important implications for materials like metals.

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  1. mychicora

    Nice explanation, Chris, thank you.

    Off topic, I was looking at your recently released “Art & Science Pro Modeling for CX7,” but not sure how it differed from the A&S7 Modeling PDF I purchased with my upgrade from CX 6 to 7. Could you enlighten me? No movies play in the sample download, but I assume this is provided in the paid version.

  2. Chris Tyler

    Did you view the sample in Adobe Acrobat? The movies don’t play in Apple’s Preview application. The big difference is movies now accompany each page which makes it easier to get through the information. I also substantially improved the beginner/newbie information at the beginning to get new folks a better foundation to starting in 3D.

  3. mychicora

    Ahh, thank you, the movies now play correctly using Acrobat. Very nice. I think this will make the A&S series much more useful, and I may very well (re-)purchase this one.

    In the future, it would be very helpful if I could view these tutorials (including the ones in Strata U) on my iPad (v1). I just haven’t found the iSwifter app to be very “swift.”

  4. Chris Tyler

    when I was initially developing the updated version of A&S, I worked really hard to try and make a version of the pdf that would display on iPad with the videos. But unfortunately Apple/Adobe have made it very difficult to make this happen oddly. There is a version of Acrobat reader for iPad, but it doesn’t play videos. I experimented with using Apple’s book making software, iBook Author, but it would have required a complete rebuild of the content, which would have been very time prohibitive. So unfortunately, doing videos for iPad isn’t quite so easy it turns out.

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