Upcoming macOS and Design 3D CX 8

August 29, 2019

Hi Design 3D Mac Users.

Firstly, thank you for being a professional user of our software for Mac. Design 3D CX 8 is compatible with the latest macOS, Mojave. However, Apple has stated that Mojave will be the last OS to run 32-bit code, and as of right now Design 3D CX 8 for Mac still has some 32-bit UI code (the important parts are 64-bit).

As you may know, we don’t pre-announce upgrades, but I realize this is an issue of concern for many users – especially users who update right away to the latest macOS when it comes out – so we want you to know our team is working hard in development. In the meantime we want to offer you an important option:

While Design 3D CX is not yet fully 64-bit on Mac, it is fully 64-bit on Windows. For the next two weeks we want to offer you a stunning discount on this latest release for Windows, taking it to just $49.00. While not a perfect short-term solution, this will provide Mac users with the option to have a second Design 3D license that can be run on relatively inexpensive Windows PCs – or even on your Mac using Parallels or Boot Camp (runs directly on your Mac, which also opens up many other Windows based features).

Click here to get the PC CrossGrade for just $49.00 – or go to: https://www.strata.com/cx8-crossgrade, click on the “1 Seat, $395” option and be sure to input coupon code STRATAPRO8 at checkout.

This offer represents a savings of nearly $550 (over 90%) off the normal price of a Design 3D CX for Windows license. If you’re a user who updates to the latest macOS as soon as it comes out, then you’ll definitely want to consider this offer.

Again, thank you for being a Design 3D CX user. I’m always amazed when I look at what has been accomplished over the past 30 years by users like you.


Ken Bringhurst, President

PS: This “CrossGrade” requires an existing Design 3D Mac license. The offer will last for two weeks (through September 12, 2019). This offer has been extended. If you have any questions, reach out to support@strata.com.


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