Walgreens® Impulse Camera

Walgreens Case Study

Project: Walgreens® Impulse Camera
Design Firm: Atico International
3D Designer: Jeff Rodriguez
Client: Walgreens Company

Project Summary

Atico International is a global sourcing company with long-term ties to Walgreens, a U.S. based health and retail chain. But sourcing means much more than just importing products. Atico creates specifications for client products, develops branding, packing and promotional elements – such as point-of-purchase displays – and then sources that design to provide the client with a complete solution.

In the first phase of this project Walgreens was looking for an affordable digital camera to offer to its customers. When Atico successfully met this objective Walgreens was ready to take the merchandizing to a new level with a dedicated point-of-purchase display.

Walgreens Sketches

“We find working from sketches is an effect way to start the design process.”

The Challenge

Atico was able to source a camera that met the specifications of Walgreens. With camera in hand, Atico Creative Director Jeff Rodriguez began the design process by doing simple sketches. Using Photoshop and Illustrator, Jeff was able to design clam-shell packaging that was approved by the buyer and client.

Walgreens Packaging

Early sell-through was excellent and Walgreens was ready to take the project to the next level – a special promotion combined with a high-profile POP (point-of-purchase) display. Walgreens had specific requests for the promotion and POP display. For the camera they wanted to push the “hip” factor with colors or patterns. For the promotion they wanted to bundle with a free color-coordinated camera bag. For the POPs they wanted a desktop “mini-wing” and an in-shelf unit.

The Solution

Developing successful designs can be inspiration, perspiration – and sometimes, just plain good luck. Jeff had all three working in his favor on this project. Jeff knew the buyer wanted hip, color and fun infused into the product and marketing. But which way to go? Animal prints? Designer patterns? Simple colors? The possibilities were endless.

Walgreens Mockups

“Visualizing colors and patterns in 3D worked extremely well for both evaluation and client presentation.”

Product Design: Riding The Wave

In the midst of exploring design ideas and market trends Apple released their iPod chromatic color series and Jeff had his answer. Sometimes riding a very hip wave is the best way to get to shore.

Walgreens Mockups

“… I focused on colorful, hip… something the consumer could recognize at an impulse.”

Unfortunately there was no time to get samples from the factory to present this color concept to the client. No problem. Jeff and a team member in Taiwan, Sven Lee, were able to quickly model and render the combination camera and camera bag displaying the new color selections. Within three days Jeff and Sven had completed presentation images and were able to obtain approval from the client.

Walgreens Display Tall

The Results

The point-of-purchase displays were worked out in Adobe Illustrator and modeled in Strata 3D CX for visualizing and presentation. Client acceptance came quickly after minimal design cycles.

The product – and promotion – was a huge success. Client presentations went smoothly with the help of Strata 3D CX. Design files and specifications were delivered to the factory in a timely fashion. Product, packaging and the POPs were delivered to Walgreens stores. And the final arbiter of success – the consumer – gave their vote of approval with dollars.

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